Hello, my name is Adam

After over 10 years of programming, I’m still disappointed in the state of programming content across the web and the pace that new developers are able to level up. I firmly believe that everyone in the world should learn to code. I have a lot of opinions, but until now, those have mostly only been shared with the teams I directly work with.

This blog is where I will share my thoughts on software development topics such as #react, #javascript, #typescript, #engineeringmanagement, #rust, #webdevelopment, and #gamedevelopment.

Why dev/tails?

Recently I started journaling about some work related events and also started to generally see more development stories being shared on the Internet. I thought it would be fun to have a place to share these “dev tales” (as I started to refer to them). That seemed a bit too straightforward and one day I randomly stumbled on a photo of Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog and the moniker devtails was born.

When I was a kid Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was the greatest game I had ever played. As the younger sibling, I was destined to be player two (aka Tails). In two player mode, the game still really only cares about Sonic. The camera follows Sonic and sometimes I would find myself completely offscreen only to be teleported back to where Sonic actually was. Some might not have considered this position fun. However, it came with a significant benefit: Tails could infinitely respawn. Lessons learned: only one person can be player one at a time and lean in to the strengths of whatever hand you’ve been dealt.

Help Me Help You

If you have questions or feedback, please join my Discord server where you can hopefully find others somewhere on their learning to code journey.