Guide this curious, lonely character through desolate lands and pensive atmospheres searching for a means to continue and for answers.

Use puzzle solving skills in this 2d sidescroll point and click adventure.

How We Got Here

Over a year ago I wrote about how I was no longer even able to compile this game. Thanks to some helpful readers I was able to start compiling new swfs, but still had no method of making available in the browser.

I have been following along with ruffle.rs ever since and heard that recently some major progress was made on ActionScript 3 support. Their site currently lists this at 70% implemented. Just before hopping on a plane I decided I would attempt to get this running again.

By the end of the flight, I was able to playthrough the entire game. Interestingly, an issue I was seeing when playing in the Flash Player Projector that made the third level completely unplayable, all of a sudden wasn’t an issue. I did have a couple new graphical issues, but the game actually became more playable!

Unfortunately, the sound APIs have still not been implemented. The gameplay of i_solated is truthfully not that great. Despite this, between the background music and a couple well animated scenes, there is quite a bit of emotion that can be felt when playing the game. I am very much looking forward to the day when I can post the full version with working audio as well.

Thank You Ruffle

I can’t even begin to imagine what an undertaking the Ruffle project has been. Flash is a fundamental piece of web development history and it’s a shame we just let it die without a proper method to preserve history. I am thankful Ruffle came together to fill this void and wish them luck on their journey to full AS3 support.