Why am I Receiving This?

At some point prior to today, you either subscribed to receive dev/tails or engram updates. Despite having collected emails a long time ago, I have yet to send out any emails. I’m going to attempt to consistently put out a monthly newsletter, though sometimes it will probably be less frequent than that.

What is This?

Since this is a first, a quick explanation should help you decide whether or not you hit that unsubscribe button below. dev/tails is a publication featuring stories, tutorials, and reflections about technology and software development. On the tutorial (dev) side of things, my hope is to craft tutorials that get you the information you need and then get out of your way so you can continue building or learning. On the stories (tails) side of things, I want to hone in on the more human side of technology with real stories about what a day in the life is like or lessons learned from past experiences.


Introducing my Dad as a new Author

After some consistent hounding, I have convinced my dad, Randy, to write some content for the site. His kick-off post, Reflecting on the Future - A Mirror Sample of Thinks to Come , is the start of a series of articles called “Analog Sampling” where Randy will share his experiences moving from an analog world to a digital one. His next post Old Movies Are Garbage (In the End) discusses the environmental impacts of the film industry.

Randy’s story begins on a farm in rural Saskatchewan and ultimately leads him out West to Vancouver, BC and finally Southern California following the digital gold rush of the entertainment industry. I’m excited to read (and share) his stories about the transition from film, to DVD, to Blu-Ray, to digital streaming and all kinds of other experiences along the way.

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